About beyond boundaries

Beyond Boundaries is a vibrant niche consultancy that assists companies and non-profit organizations in addressing the challenges of operating in increasingly global, virtual and fast-changing environments.

It was created to provide individuals, teams and entire organizations with the necessary skills and expertise to work more effectively across boundaries of geography, cultures and traditional organizational design.

Driven by a passion to develop, mobilize people and create momentum, we specialize in helping organizations and teams deliver lasting results by transforming themselves in challenging contexts:

  • working in virtual teams and organizations
  • partnering with third party organizations
  • implementing business-transforming change
  • making multi-dimensional matrices work
  • integrating companies post-merger
  • embedding sustainability

We tailor our interventions to your specific needs and organizational context, thanks to a unique combination of skills and 15 years of experience: simultaneously addressing behavioral, cultural and structural dimensions of change geared towards achieving sustainable success.

We operate globally and draw on our well-established network of relationships in Europe, Asia and Australia to meet the needs of our clients in leveraging the diversity and cross-cultural competence of their teams.

We are a values-driven organization interested only in making a real lasting impact, which guarantees dedication, hard work and genuine collaboration.

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